Things to do in Oludeniz


Things to do in Oludeniz

Things to do in Oludeniz

Oludeniz is one of the welknown holiday resorts in Turkey. It is located at the southwest of Turkey along the Med coastline. Oludeniz hosts many holiday-makers everyear from all around the world. There are many hotels, resorts, holiday villages, rental villas and apartments. When you come to Oludeniz  what is waiting for you? First of all ı would like to talk about what you should see, you should walk down to the beach that it is amazing beach and sea with it's turquise colour. Afterwards you should walk to see the Blue Lagoon namely Olu Deniz ( Death Sea ) but it is privatized by goverment and you need to pay admission fee. If you are lucky you can see the Caretta Carettas - Loggerheads in the Lagoon. As well as you should go to see the Gemiler Island (St. Nicholas Island ) 

Top 10 Things to do in Oludeniz

What is the top 10 things to do in Oludeniz? We highly recommend you to book Oludeniz Excursions and Activities. They are the best way to exlore the surround during holiday. So what are the Oludeniz Excursions and Activities? 

First excursions, Dalyan Turtle Beach and Mud Bath excursion.It is one of the best Oludeniz excursion, They pick youup from your resort and drive to Dalyan Tonw near Dalaman Airport, it is about 50 mins. away from Fethiye. When you get there first you will visit naturel spring and mud bath about one hour and then you will see the royal tombs or king tombs. After getting info about the royal king tombs you will get a nice lunch in a nice restaurant. Enjoying open buffet meal, you will do river trip and reach to Turtle Beach to have some free time and watch turtles. after free time you will go home back.

Second top things to do in Oludeniz is Fethiye Boat trip from Fethiye harbour. You will be picked up from hotel and you will go down to the Fethiye Harbour. It is another interesting activitiy in Oludeniz region. You will visit nice bays and island and will have nice meal. You will anchor to nice bays for swim and then you  will come back to Fethiye.

Kayakoy(Ghost town) is another place worth to see. It is about 10 mins. away from Oludeniz by car but if you don't like to take a taxi to there, you can go by walking. When you get there you will see deserted Greek Town. In 1922 before the Turkish war of independence, Greek Goverment and Turkish Goverment make a treaty about changing population so they done and Greeks left the Town. When they had gone they left about 1000 house, fountains, cisterns, wind mills etc. Over the years no one lived so houses ruined by natural. we have so many places to see these are some of them. If you book your holiday to Oludeniz we recommend you to visit our website Holiday in Med to see the top things to do in Oludeniz.

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