Weather Oludeniz


Weather Oludeniz

Weather Oludeniz

Oludeniz is a small and nice holiday destination in Turkey. Tour operators organizes the holidays to Oludeniz basicly in summer season but Weather Oludeniz is nice all year but we have no direct flights. In winter time if you like to visit Oludeniz we have flights from Antalya Airport and Istanbul. 

As we come to the Weather Oludeniz in summer hot and dry. Temperature is between 20 to 50 degrees. Summer season starts from may to october. If you do not like the hot weather we recommend you to visit Oludeniz area May- June and September - October are the best time to book your holiday. In the winter time Weather Oludeniz is mild and rainy.  Weather Oludeniz temperature is between 10 to 20 degrees so houses are designed for warm weather. In Oludeniz area and Fethiye we have no central heating system only we have fire places, wood burners and Air conditions. When you come to Oludeniz you will see the solar panels for hot water and it is a great saving. We use these solar panel not only in summer but also in winter because we have over 300 days sunnuy rest of the year rainy but not cold while it is raining.

Holiday in Med offers you the low cost Oludeniz Holidays and you can book with confidence. Weather Oludeniz with nice sea breeze waiting for you.

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