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Pauline 28.01.2015

Tırnak Holiday in Med has a great service at a more than reasonable price. They will do anything to make your excursion or trip most pleasant and commemorable. The personal touch and the advice have made our trips a day to never forget. Always on time, always living up to expectations and more. You don't have to look further, just book Holiday in Med!! Tırnak

shelly clarke 27.01.2015

Tırnak I'v always used holiday in med to do my trips, best price, very friendly staff, always there to help, good prices on hotels and transfer ,would recommend as I do already, will be booking trips for this year . Tırnak

Taylor 27.01.2015

Tırnak competetive price efficient door to door service , highly reccomend Tırnak

Emel 22.07.2014

Tırnak I have used holiday in the med quiet a few times now for transfers and trips and I have to say it's the best one I've found! Always on time and always great prices! Would recommend to anyone as I have been doing so already :) Tırnak

Clint Charlton 21.07.2014

Tırnak We have used holidayinmed quite a few times for our transfers from the airport to our apartment and have found them to be prompt, friendly and reliable. We mainly use them for private transfers which is cost effective for us and time saving as we dont have to drop other people off etc. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Tırnak

Carlie-May McGarry 04.06.2014

Tırnak We always use holidayinmed for our transfers as they quickly and safely get us to our hotel from the airport at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend to anyone :-) Tırnak


Book your holiday in Fethiye through Holiday in Med with us! Fethiye , known as Telmessos in the antique period, is the most important city of LYCIA -one of the oldest Anatolian Civilisations- at the western borderline with CARIA. Despite lack of information regarding its establishment, it is stated in the history of the city reaches far back to 5th century BC. A Lycian legend explains the source of the name Telmessos as follows:  "God Apollon falls in love with the youngest daughter of the King of Finike (Phoenike), Agenor. He disguises himself as a small dog and thus gains love for the shy, withdrawn daughter. After he reappears as a handsome man, they name their son 'Telmessos' (the land of lights). The city, with its name believed to have come from that of Telmessos, -son of God Apollon-, forms the first state of the Persians after being invaded by the Persian King Harpagos in 547 BC. Along with all other Lycian and Carian cities. Telmessos then, joins the Attik-Delos Union established in mid. 5th century BC. and, although it later leaves the union as an independent city, continues its relations till 4th century BC.  A rumor that the city, invaded by the Alexander the Great on his Asian cruise of invasion in the winter of 334-333 BC. has yielded to him with his own will. Another legend says that Alexander the Great on a mission to invade Anatolia, enters Telmessos harbour with his fleet. 

 Their commander Nekros asks permission of Antipatrides, ruler of the city, for his musicians and slaves to enter the city. On getting the permission, the warriors with guns hidden in the flute boxes capture the acropolis during the feasts held at night." The city has been handed over to the son of Lysimachos in 240 BC. by Ptolomy III. By the treaty signed in 189 BC. After the Magnasia war, the Romans have left the city to Eumenos, the King of Bergama (Pergamon) Kingdom collapses, Telmessos, in 133 BC., joins the Lycian Federation and is one of the six most important cities and sport center  in the group.  In the 8th century its name was changed as Anastasiapolis to honour of Byzantine emperor Anastasios II. The city, taken over in 1284 by Menteseogullari, receives the name MEGRI, meaning far city, after its inclusion in Ottoman land in 1424. In 1934, the city has been renamed as FETHIYE to the honour of Fethi Bey, a martyr Pilot. According to last census Fethiye's population is about 148.000 and nearly 4000 foreigners. Most of the local people engaged with agriculture and tourism. In the winter time  temperature is about between 12,19 degree and as we come to summer time is about between 35, 45 degree. when you come to Fethiye we recommend you visit The Fish Market ( open everyday ) and Fethiye market or Tuesday Market on tuesday. You can book your Holiday in fethiye through Holiday in Med. If you would like to visit this nice town, we organize Oludeniz excursions. If you need dalaman to fethiye transfer you can book it through holiday in med and you can pay later at dalaman airport.

Dalaman to fethiye transfer takes 45 mins. (45 km)

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