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Dalyan Turtle Beach Excursion 

We will pick you up from hotel for Dalyan Turtle Beach Excursion and drive to town Dalyan. when we arrive to there, we will get on a river boat and start our journey on the dalyan river.First we  will relax in the sulphur pool which is great fun, good for your skin and it is said to make you look and feel 10 years younger! Then feeling cleanse and refreshed, afterwards we will go our restaurant and we will enjoy an open buffet lunch at a riverside restaurant. After lunch we will return to the river boat for a relaxing cruise down the river during the journey we will stop infront of the Lycian type king tombs(Royal Tombs) then reach to Turtle Beach then we will have free time there. It is famous with Loggerhead turtles. while you are having your drink, you can enjoy the sunbathing on the second longest beach in Turkey. After the Dalyan Turtle Beach Excursion we will drive to back our hotel.

Dalyan is located in the Caria region and border neighbour with Lycia. History of Dalyan goes back to the 9.th century B.C  and throughout the history witnessed diffirent civilizations from Persians to Ottomans. People of Caunos engaged with shipping trade and make Money so it was a rich city certain period of time. At present day Dalyan is a small town and it’s population is about 5000. People made money with tourism, agriculture and fishing. The weather is nice all year around as well as. It is also 25 mins. away from dalaman airport.    

Nowadays Dalyan is popular with Turtle Beach, Mud Baths, Hot Thermals Pools, King Tombs, Loggerhead  Turtles and Dalyan River

Dalyan Turtle Beach ( Iztuzu Beach )

Dalyan turtle beach is the second longest and sandy beach in Turkey. Turtle beach is also shallow and a bit wavy. Loggerheads (Caretta Caretta) are laying their eggs on this beach every summer season and when you visit the turtle beach you will see the metal cages to protect the turtle eggs into the nest at the turtle beach. As well as there is a Turtle Sanctuay or Turtle Hospital ( Turtle Rescue Center ). Fresh water and salty water also meet at one point that let the turtles to go in Dalyan river.There are two diffirent ways to get the beach from Dalyan. One of them is by motorway and It is taking about 20 mins.to get there and second way is by the Dalyan river journey that takes about 30 mins. from the town Dalyan.

Dalyan River trip ( Calbis )

 It is about 8 km from town Dalyan to turtle beach and Dalyan river journey with fishing boats that designed for journey on river, is the best way to get the turtle beach. Dalyan River  is not deep roughly 2 or 3 meters. It is also a big and naturel fish farm ( mullet farm ) that sent the diffirent parts of the Turkey. Dalyan river is good for Loggerhead Turtles cause they like to eat fish  and blue crab  so they swim up to town dalyan through the Dalyan river. During the journey on river you will exactly see the King Tombs ( Royal Tombs or Temple Tombs ). 

Dalyan Mud Bath – Sulphur Pool

It is another fantastic thing about Dalyan because it is rejuvenating you. Mud cleanse your skin and hot thermal water ( sulphur ) that is 35- 36 degree gives the softness.  

You can book Dalyan turtle beach excursion or trip from Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Ovacık, Fethiye and Calıs regions and explore it. 


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